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MUNESCO… in Argentinië

Photo: Penn State via Flickr

Photo: Penn State via Flickr

The José Hernández Institute, located in Villa Ballester, Province of Buenos Aires, is organizing “THE 19th INTERNATIONAL MODEL OF THE UNESCO”, which is a simulation of the General Conference of the UNESCO and is officially supported by the UNESCO, by the Argentinean Chancellery and guaranteed by the National Commission of Cooperation with UNESCO.

Therefore, the José Hernández Institute, would like to invite to participate to Dutch secondary schools students from 14 to 19 years old to take part of the simulation.

This simulation consists of informal negotiations and formal debates reaching the Resolution Projects, which are sent to the Education Ministry of the Argentinian Nation and also to the UNESCO Board in Paris. The students are allowed to compromise with the reality to seek solutions to the various problems. It involves the preparation on matters about the world problems and international relationships.

For further information please find attached to the present a document about the UNESCO International Model, as well as the contact details of the organisation.


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