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Kraanvogels vouwen: verzoek uit Japan (Engelstalig)

Photo by Richard Kasperowski on Unsplash

Photo by Richard Kasperowski on Unsplash

In July this year, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was adopted, and ICAN won the Nobel Peace Prize for its unique approach for the abolition of the nuclear weapons. These events have demonstrated that the aspiration to abolish nuclear weapons has been growing. We have launched this project to express our sympathy for victims of nuclear weapons and to consider peace while folding paper cranes with a prayer for the world peace.

When I have talked to Asia Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO in Japan (ACCU), a coordinating organization for UNESCO Associated Schools in Japan, to seek a way to spread this project to all over the world, we have concluded that we ask support from those country coordinators listed in the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network website.

You can read more in this Google Document. 

To join this project, please take the following procedure:
(1) Students and teachers in each school fold paper cranes.
Here is a link to a video clip of how to make paper cranes in English: This was made by one of the UNESCO Associated Schools in Japan, Reitaku Junior and Senior High School.

(2) Write messages, for example, to ICAN for receiving Novel Peace Prize, for world peace, or for abolishing nuclear weapons.
(3) Take photos of the paper cranes and the message. Each school decides whether students fold the paper cranes, whether teachers show photos of students’ faces and whether they use the school name.

(4) Send these photos by attachment to this email address: orizuru2017@yahoo.co.jp The file should be smaller than 1MB in JPEG format. Please send the photos by Thursday, December 7th as we need to print them out and bring them to the Award Ceremony. However, I would like to continue this after that as well.

We are planning to print and bring the photos to Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony and other related events. The photos will be also organized by country and shown on our website  I have also requested UNESCO to show the photos on the UNESCO Associated School website.

Last summer, we successfully collected over 200,000 paper cranes, so this time we are hoping to get even more support from all over the world.

I am moved that ICAN received Nobel PeacePrize. This is a successful outcome ofA-bomb victims’ sincere appeal for the world without nuclear weapons. I believe it is very meaningful for ICAN toreceive the Nobel Peace Prize at the turning point in our history as the pasttends to be forgotten. Let’s share thisgratitude by folding paper cranes to congratulate ICAN on receiving the prizeso that this can revitalize the epoch and relate to the people’s hope for peace.

Sincerely Yours,
Hiroyasu Tsuboi
Kita-Suma Prefectural High School, Hyogo, Japan
ESD Promoting Committee
E-mail: orizuru2017@yahoo.co.jp


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